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The Optum Supply Item Advisor Add-on provides an extensive database of manufacturer/vendor supply items and brings together all the information needed to appropriately report supply items in an easy to use look up screen that provides guidance on charge status and assigned HCPCS code when appropriate.  Drill down among hundreds of thousands of supply items in seconds saving hours of lost productivity and potential revenue.

NOTE: This item is an add-on to our suite of online products. This item may only be purchased online if you are also buying a new subscription to an online application. 

The Supply Item Advisor Add-on may be added to these online coding tools:
RevenueCyclePro.com (Item 4790)

If you are already an active subscriber to one of our online coding applications and you are interested in purchasing an add-on, please contact a customer service representative at 1-800-464-3649, option 1.

  • Optum Edge — Can’t find it in OSIA? Reach out to our SMEs and we’ll do the research for you and get back to you within 48 business hours.
  • Hundreds of thousands of supply items that can be searched and narrowed down to your specific Supply Item. Drill down to the exact item using the “search within a search feature.” Filters Include fields for the Supply Item description, Manufacturer/Vendor name Manufacturer/Vendor catalog number, Charge status, and HCPCS code assignment.
  • Easy to use search features. Quickly find the Supply Item you are looking for with Partial content searches even when you don’t know the exact description, vendor, or catalog number. The Breadcrumb feature also helps you keep track of your search filters.
  • Trusted Optum Subject Matter Experts. Maintained daily by our Subject Matter Experts. The Optum Supply Item Advisor tool is updated twice per month.
  • Linked directly to RevenueCyclePro.com for comprehensive detail at the code level. Notable details include the code description, lay description, revenue code crosswalk, and reimbursement details.